Club Info

Fox River Valley Hunting Retriever Club 

A United Kennel Club Organization
A couple decades ago, a handful of dedicated hunting retriever enthusiasts saw how the modern field trial no longer simulated real hunting. So they set about creating a whole new sport. A sport conceived by hunters, for hunters: Retriever Hunt Tests. 
We celebrated our 30th Anniversary in 2016 and look forward to many more years.

The Retriever Hunt Test Program: 

Test dogs with the same challenges and distances a dog faces in real hunting situations.

Allows dogs to compete against a set standard of ability, instead of each other.

Allows a dog who fails a portion of the test, the opportunity to complete the rest of the test.

Awards these titles:

-Started Hunting Retriever (SHR);
-Hunting Retriever (HR);
-Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH);
-Grand Hunting Retriever Champion (GRHRCH); and
-Upland Hunter (UH)

We are the Fox River Valley Hunting Retriever Club (FRVHRC), a local affiliate of the Hunting Retriever Club, Inc., an International body that sanctions Retriever Hunt Tests. We are nonprofit, and located in the Chicagoland area of Illinois. 

Our membership consists primarily of hunters who strongly believe that one of the best conservation tools available is a well-trained retriever. But we also have members who are simply breed fanciers dedicated to retaining the sporting purposes of their dogs. We also have dog owners who simply want better trained pets. 

Our unifying chief goal is a simple one - to produce better trained retrievers. And we have a lot of fun doing it. We share a common affection for retrievers, and a common goal of making them better trained. These commonalities make for an amiable atmosphere between members.