FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join the club? 
A: Joining is simple. Just attend a meeting or come to a training session. Contact us for details or see the New Member Application in the "Membership" section of the site.

Q: What is HRC? 
A: HRC stands for Hunting Retriever Club

Q: Does the club train my dog? 
A: Our group is made up of a number of Amateur and Professional Trainers that gather to help one another better their training skills and help "you" train your dog.

Q: How often do you train? 
A: Club training is currently held on the second and fourth Sundays of the month.  See Calendar for updates or changes.

Q: Do I have to run tests with my Dog? 
A: No. Running these tests is not required.  Our purpose is to better your hunting retriever and testing is optional.  However it can be addicting!

Q: What do my dues include? 
A: The opportunity to train with experienced trainers and amateur handlers on some of the best training grounds in Northeastern Illinois.

Q: Do I have to be a member of the UKC?
A: Only if you decide to run tests with your dog will it need to be registered with the UKC.

Q: How do I get involved? 
A: See the New Member Application in the Membership section of this site.

Q: Are there books that you recommend?

Q: How about magazines? 
A: If you join the national club, HRC (Hunting Retriever Club), your membership includes a subscription to the "Hunting Retriever" magazine which published articles with training tips.

Q: What training equipment do I need?
A: Collar, leash, whistle, duck call to begin with.  As you progress, you will decide what type of equipment you want to use to train with.  The club is fully stocked with training equipment for club training days, other than your personal collar, leash, whistle.

Q: How do I earn titles on my Dog?
A: By entering hunt tests hosted by HRC clubs.